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The Impact of Ganymede High School

Ganymede High School is an important part of our community and has been so for 35 years. Established in 1975, this institution was designed as a secondary high school. Its sole purpose was to handle overflow from the main campus and yet it has grown to be so much more. Ganymede is now a separate school with all attributes found in traditional educational settings. The basic structure remains the same, yet for those who attended in the 70s, it is obvious additions have been added. In 1987, a wing was added which now contains the cafeteria and gymnasium while, in 1996, another addition was constructed for more classrooms. Although the building has undergone renovation, the character of the school remains the same and you will still find the same morals guide conduct.

Ganymede High School is known for its outstanding student achievement and this is due to the strict honor code. When the school was established as an independent institution, students, parents and staff worked together to develop a moral code for all who attend. A zero tolerance policy was put into place for cheating and substance use among other things. All are expected to behavior in ways that reflect the purpose of the school. No cell phones or electronic gadgets are permitted as the focus is on education. Parents love this aspect and want the children to have the best instruction with minimal distraction.

Edward P. Cardinale was the first principal of the school and he is the one who advocated for this type of policy. To enforce the code, he set up a peer review board. When an issue does arise, all involved are called into his office. At this time, a staff member, a parent and the principal hear the facts of the case from all parties involved. They then call in the peer review group and, without naming the participants, lay out the case. The peer review group determines the correct punishment. This may range from cafeteria duty to expulsion. All agree this is an effective way to maintain order and discipline and the school board, along with our county supervisors, uphold the peer review group decision. When Mr. Cardinale retired in 1994, Steven Thompson took over as the school’s principal. He continued with the policies set in place during Mr. Cardinale’s tenure and remains in his position to this day.

Ganymede High School is also known for the number of achievements it has accumulated over the years. The football team has been ranked number one in the state for the past nine years while the academic team holds the record for most consecutive titles in our state. The band has been invited to participate in a nationally televised parade every Thanksgiving for the past four years and our basketball team in steadily moving up in the standings. As you can see, Ganymede High focuses on the whole child and many parents move to the area just so their children may attend this fine school.

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School Council

The Founders of Ganymede High School formed the initial School Council. Subsequent personnel changes were made in accordance with statutory regulations and provisions of the Companies Act.

The School Council has total responsibility for the affairs of Ganymede High School, but is most generally concerned with major issues such as finance, building alterations, maintenance, salary scales and fee structures.The Headmaster has responsibility for the administration of all day-to-day affairs. He is also charged with encouraging and promoting activities appropriate to the ethos of the school.

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